The trade mark of the month in February is SMUUV

14.02.2024 | 14:30

This brand with an exciting name belongs to Warner Music's subsidiary record company Smuuv Records OÜ. The trade mark was born in collaboration with several people and pictures a word game with the English expressions "smooth" and "move." It was decided to register the trade mark, because years of hard work had created a lot of value and content that the owners wish to protect.
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With this trade mark, the company has received protection for advertising, marketing, entertainment, concert organizing, music production and offering.

According to Mihkel Sirelpuu, co-founder and production manager of the company, SMUUV is a subsidiary record company of Warner Music. "We are looking for young talents, school them, and then the artists have the opportunity to move on to a bigger record label. We are the so-called training ground for Estonian artists," Sirelpuu describes the activities of Smuuv Records. In addition, production services are offered and concerts are organised, including presentation concerts for their own artists.

Sirelpuu recalls that the trademark was born as a joint creation: "SMUUV is an artificial word created by playing with the English words "smooth" and "move." With the help of designer Andreas Aru, we created a visual that resembles a sound measurement bar."

Although SMUUV rwas founded already in 2020, the protection of the trade mark was achieved only now. "We had been building our brand for three years and we saw that it had a value. SMUUV is something where we have put our whole soul and that is why we want to protect our work - and recommend it to others too," Sirelpuu stresses.