Copyright Committee

From the 9th of September 2021, the Copyright Committee has been established at the Estonian Patent Office (decree no 45 of the Minister of Justice). The Copyright Committee is a conciliation body within the meaning of paragraph 19 of the Conciliation Act. The provisions of the Conciliation Act with the specifications provided in the Copyright Act apply to the proceedings in the Committee.

The Committee carries out the tasks specified in paragraph 87 section 1 of the Copyright Act:

  • monitor compliance of the level of protection of copyright and related rights on the international obligations assumed by the Republic of Estonia;
  • analyze the practice of implementation of copyright legislation;
  • make proposals to the minister responsible for amendment of copyright legislation and accession with the international agreements;
  • resolve, at the request of the parties, disputes related to copyright and related rights by conciliation of the parties;
  • resolves by conciliation of the parties pursuant to the procedure set out in the Conciliation Act, the applications submitted to the Committee accordingly to section 4 of the paragraph 803 of the Copyright Act concerning measures applicable to allow in certain cases free use of works or objects of law of related rights. If one party has turned to the Copyright Committee, in order to resolve a dispute, the parties are obligated to enter into negotiations through the Committee and conduct the negotiations in good faith. The parties are not allowed to avoid entering into negotiations or prevent negotiations without reasonable justification;
  • carries out other tasks assigned to the Committee by the minister responsible.

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Last updated: 07.03.2024