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Annual Reports of Estonian Patent Office can be found here. The corresponding chapters of the Annual Report provide a more detailed overview of the trends regarding the protection of inventions, trade marks and other intellectual property, statistics, international cooperation, the work of the Industrial Property Board of Appeal, information activities and the revenues and expenditure of the Patent Office.

Annual report 2023 home page

Annual report 2023

2023 was a very good year to protect intellectual property in Estonia. The number of applications filed for the protection of a trade mark increased by 10% and the number of patent applications filed in Estonia increased more than twice, in addition, Estonian people also filed applications directly with EUIPO, EPO and WIPO. We also got a new Estonian-language word – loomevara („creative asset“) – which, among other things, can save time and letter space when we talk about protecting intellectual property.


Inimesed töötavad

Annual report 2022

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the Patent Office’s reopening, and the Estonian Patent Office’s yearbook has been reaching readers for roughly the same amount of time. The Office’s third digital yearbook appears before you. Again, 2022 was an extremely active and eventful year.


Annual Report 2021 homepage

Annual report 2021

For the Estonian Patent Office, 2021 was a year of numerous renewals as well as preparation for big changes. On 1 April, the Estonian Patent Office took over some of the functions of the Ministry of Justice in the field of copyright. The change is related to the goal of the office becoming a competence centre for intellectual property rights. Competence centre advises entrepreneurs on intellectual property issues, ensures a fast and effective procedure for registering intellectual property and fast pre-trial resolution of disputes. 


Annual Report 2020 homepage

Annual report 2020

The year 2020 was colourful and full on work for the Patent Office. There was something new in all areas of industrial property. The accelerated procedure for trade mark applications – a renewal in the area of trade marks intended for all applicants – was received very well and the percentage of applicants requesting faster procedure is growing. As far as inventions are concerned, it should be pointed out that procedural instructions for patent applications and patents have been compiled and published. These intructions ensure legal clarity and equal treatment of applicants, but also help the applicant to understand the course of the procedure and make the examination process more transparent.


Earlier Annual Reports are available in PDF format. PDF reader is needed to view and print them out.

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