Types of utility model applications and forms

Here you will find the requirements and forms for filling in and submitting the application.

The utility model application must be filed with the Estonian Patent Office directly or by post.

Persons with an Estonian ID card may also file a patent application electronically through the application filing portal.

It is not possible to submit a digitally signed application by e-mail, because the electronic application portal must be used to submit the application electronically.

An application for a utility model must be filed on a standard form:

•    Request for the registration of a utility model (PDF):

Forms are also available free of charge from the Estonian Patent Office.

Before filing a patent application, read The Formal and Substantive Requirements for the Documents Contained in the Patent Application and the Procedure for Filing Patent Applications (only in Estonian).

Application for national processing of a PCT application:

Application for conversion of a European patent application / patent into a national application:

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Last updated: 06.02.2024