What is an invention?

The invention is a new solution to a technical problem.

There may be several solutions to the same problem, each of which may be a new invention. Most generally, the technical solutions which are the subject of the invention are divided into devices, methods and substances. The method refers to all types of activities falling within the definition of “technical solution”. Most of the methods are probably related to the production of products. The use of a known device or other product for a new purpose or the use of a known method for a new purpose can also be considered as an invention. However, not all objects can be protected as inventions. These are:

  • algorithms for computers and computer programs;
  • discovery, scientific theory and mathematical method;
  • design;
  • simple presentation of information;
  • plant variety and animal breeds;
  • scheme, rule or method for performing a mental act or doing business;
  • project or scheme of the facility, building or land.

An invention is patentable if

  • it is new, 
  • involves an inventive step and 
  • is susceptible to industrial application.

If legal protection is sought for an invention, it should be noted that the invention must be kept secret until the filing of the patent application or the application for registration of the utility model.

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Last updated: 19.01.2022