Why is it necessary to protect your invention?

Protection grants exclusive rights to an invention protected by a patent or utility model.

The need for a patent may be looked upon from several viewpoints.

  • A patent or a utility model is the most efficient ways to be competitive. It provides one of the few legal means at the disposal of entrepreneurs to establish a monopoly for the production and marketing of their goods in free market conditions.
  • Big sums are spent on research and development. Introduction of new products in manufacturing always requires significant investments. Without protection the competitors can copy your new products without spending any money on product development and sell them cheaper, which means that you will lose the money you could have earnt from your invention. The monopoly granted by patent or utility model protection on the use of inventions will prevent the competitors from manufacturing the same products and enable to dictate the prices which would enable to cover the expenditures and get the necessary income from the sales of the product.
  • It is possible to earn additional value, create new possibilities for making business, make useful license sale agreements by protected industrial property. Besides that, it helps to find cooperation partners and even sponsors to start manufacturing..
  • Protection is required in all the countries where there is an intention to use the invention in order to ensure your position on the market.
  • Finally ownership of a patent or a utility model is a matter of honour and it is a chance to leave a sign in the history of engineering.

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Last updated: 19.01.2022