The best trade mark in January is the smart slogan "Time for beany moments"

06.02.2024 | 13:08

It is our pleasure to announce that we will continue to tell special trade mark stories this year too. In the two years that we have chosen the trade mark of the month, entrepreneurs have given us positive feedback. Sharing the story of a trade mark is a good way to present your brand's values to the consumer and it encourages other entrepreneurs to protect their intellectual property too.
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Our first trade mark of the month in 2024 is the eye-catching slogan "Time for beany moments." The trade mark is owned by Coffee People OÜ and is protected in the fields of coffee, coffee roasting and sales, coffee roasting training and catering services.

Coffee People is one of Estonia's oldest specialty coffee roast shops. The company attaches great importance to the activities of farmers and the fair price offered to them.

"Our goal is to bring the farmer to the foregroung in every possible way. In the case of large brands, it is a business secret which farms' coffee they ise in their products. For us, it's not a secret, it's a sales argument," says Annar Alas, head of the company, summarizing the core principles of Coffee People's activities.

According to Alas, the advertising slogan "Time for beany moments" was born in cooperation with the advertising agency Division. It is currently used in branded cars and content marketing, but will soon be seen on all retail packaging, according to Alas. It was decided to register the sentence as a trade mark because it looked good and original. "We do not want anyone else to protect a similar sentence and then prohibit us from using it," Alas notes.

Division copywriter Marten Liivik explains that behind the slogan is the idea of coffee enjoyment: "We took the view that enjoying Coffee People's coffee means taking time off, and having a cosy moment, because coffee made from flavourful beans is worth it." "We then reached the slogan "Time for cosy moments" until a few days before the meeting, the "h" letter evaporated from "cozy" ("hubane").*

*Word play: "hubane" means "cosy" in Estonian, whereas "ubane" means "beany", indicating coffee beans.