In August, we chose the EU trade mark "kammerton" as the best

22.08.2023 | 14:57

The Estonian Patent Office has chosen a trade mark of the month since the start of 2022. By doing this, we hope to draw attention to excellent, distinctive trade marks and inspire business owners to protect their intellectual property.
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In August, we chose the EU trade mark "kammerton" as the best – it has been protected for food supplements and chocolate. Jaan Habicht, the owner of the trade mark, is a long-time chocolate craftsman who makes handmade chocolates containing food and plant additives in his home chocolate laboratory in Peedu. Several of the names of his products are protected as trade marks in Estonia and in the European Union.

According to Habicht, the acquisition story of the trade mark of the month is related to music. "Last year, Bach's most famous work, "The Well-Tempered Clavier," turned 300. And something clicked in my head. The most important feature of chocolate, after all, is also correct temperation – well-tempered chocolate shines and makes a sound of the right height when you break it. I came up with the BACH BUCH chocolate book, where the names of four different chocolates – berry, aniseed, chilli and honey chocolates – form the word BACH in German and English. Well, and Bach is a uniquely precise attunement – that's a concert pitch, or kammerton in German."

Habicht explains that he has protected his trade marks for various reasons. "If I had to stop chocolate development, I would be able to sell some of these trade marks. It's property, and property is important to me. I have not rented, but rather tried to buy or build myself. Mostly build, and here's an analogy. It can be said that I have created trade marks and tried to build on them," the chocolate maker points out the main motive to register his intellectual property.