Katre Arula, fashion designer from Põltsamaa, took home the Trade Mark of the Year title

30.05.2024 | 13:34

Yesterday, the 105th Anniversary Conference of the Patent Office took place in Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel), where we also recognised the owners of the best Estonian trade marks. The fashion designer Katre Arula's brand "Katré" was chosen as the most outstanding trade mark of the Patent Office in 2023, special awards went to "Ajapaik", "Bolt", "LAMBIVÄRK" and "HUIK!".
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The Patent Office issues the Trade Mark of the Month title each month in order to recognise Estonian entrepreneurs for creating good trade marks and to encourage other entrepreneurs to protect their intellectual property.

The 12 trade marks of the month from last year participated in the popular vote in April, the results of which were announced yesterday afternoon at the 105th Anniversary Conference of the Patent Office in Tallinn Creative Hub. The trade mark "Katré", belonging to entrepreneur Katre Arula from Põltsamaa, was voted the winner and awarded the title Trade Mark of the Year 2023. Arula is a sustainable fashion designer who, under the brand name Katré, creates bags, clothing and accessories from recycled materials.

The designer says she registered her trade mark in order to avoid the copying of her work. "I felt like I had to protect my brand so no one could take it away from me. The registered trade mark shows the public that I exist, and it gives confidence," Arula explained the reasons for protecting her trade mark.

Both international success and beautiful sound of language were assessed

The Chamber of Patent Attorneys, Enterprise Estonia, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Language Institute were also present at the event to recognise their own favourites. Trade mark "Ajapaik", belonging to the Estonian Photographic Heritage Society and designating a co-creation platform for photographs, was the favorite of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys.

Enterprise Estonia recognized the image mark "Bolt" of the well-known technology company Bolt Technology with a special award. "Bolt's story is a good role model for deep technology as well as other high value companies. This shows that the trade mark protects the value proposition of the company and their distinctiveness, which is an inevitable prerequisite for being successful on the international market," said Liina Maria Lepik, member of the EAS board of directors, at the award.

The special award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry went to the mark "LAMBIVÄRK", owned by the small enterprise Morolith, standing for educational lights designed by them. The Estonian Language Institute rated "HUIK!" as best, the mark belongs to the mixed choir of the same name. "The memorable name carries the vivid nature of the choir, the inspired action and playfulness - the members of the choir can after all be called "huikajad" ("callers")," Marika Alver, who presented the special award, explained the choice of the institute.

Creative people should not leave their personal brand unprotected

In 2023, 1,181 trademark applications were filed with the Patent Office. In addition to Katré, many other personal brands were registered with the Patent Office, e.g. the mark of her own name of jewellery designer Piret Kartus, the nickname WEND of journalist Priit Kuusk, but also artist names like Riho Sibul and TOMMY CASH.

"If significant resources are invested in brand development, but he the brand is left unprotected, there is a greater risk of being copied by competitors and other market participants. Creative people, as all entrepreneurs, should secure themselves by registering their trade marks. The selection of the "Trade Mark of the Year" is a good opportunity to draw public attention to this topic," stresses Margus Viher, Director General of the Patent Office.

Mari-Epp Tirkkonen

Chief Examiner of the Trade Mark Department