The Estonian Patent Office’s trade mark of the month for July is Jõelähtme Municipality figurative mark

26.07.2023 | 13:27

The Estonian Patent Office has chosen a trade mark of the month since the start of 2022. By doing this, we hope to draw attention to excellent, distinctive trade marks and inspire business owners to protect their intellectual property.
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We chose Jõelähtme Municipality’s lovely figurative mark as the best in July. This trade mark helps the municipality make its activities more apparent while also inspiring other public sector institutions to preserve their intellectual property.

The logo and slogan for the municipality were chosen through a competition in 2018, according to Laura Ruul, the municipality's marketing consultant. The goal was to design a logo and slogan that could be used by the municipality as well as other companies and people to advertise the tourist and cultural attractions of the municipality in printed materials, souvenirs, presentations, exhibitions, media, and other channels. The municipality’s coat of arms has very specific restrictions on its use, making it inappropriate for such marketing purposes.

Rivers, the Jägala Waterfall, and the sea are represented by the meandering waves that run between the name and slogan. The waves are represented by the hues and design of Jõelähtme’s folk costume skirt. The slogan "Aja lugu elab siin" (“The story of time lives here”) in turn alludes to Jõelähtme municipality’s illustrious past as well as the present and future.

Ruul provides the following explanation when asked why it was decided to register the trade mark: "We registered the logo and slogan since they are essential components of the municipality’s identity. No one else should be able to stop us from using the logo or slogan, thus we wanted to have that right.”