Search for similar registered inventions

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Before the inventor files an application for the registration of a utility model, it would also be useful to investigate yourself whether the invention is new and whether it has an inventive step.

This can be done by examining the existing inventions from all relevant sources. Examples of inventions include existing patent descriptions, utility model descriptions, and other technical publications in the field. Determining of the state of the art also gives an indication of which part of the technical field is already protected and in which direction it is possible to proceed.

When performing a search, it must be taken into account that, in general, the patent application is published only 18 months after it has been filed and the utility model is published after it has been registered.

Similar inventions valid in Estonia can be searched in the databases of the Estonian Patent Office.

Database of the Estonian Patent Applications and Patents
Database of the European Patents Validated in Estonia
Database of Utility Models

Databases can be found here: Inventions databases

The search can be carried out in global databases of patents and utility models.

Patentscope – search International Patent Applications

When performing a state of the art search, it is useful to know that inventions are classified according to their fields of use. When searching for inventions by class, the search can be significantly refined.

Last modified 29.04.2021