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A registration application is filed with the Reception of the Estonian Patent Office. The Patent Office will verify the compliance of the registration application documents with the requirements for the content and format, the payment of the prescribed (state) fee, the validity of the authorisation of the representative and carries out a search of the state of the art. If in the course of processing a registration application or upon carrying out the search of the state of the art it is ascertained that a document is missing from the registration application or deficiencies relating to the form or content of the documents exist or if the contents of a document are not sufficient or are unclear for processing the registration application, including for carrying out a search of the state of the art, the Patent Office shall notify the applicant thereof in writing [Utility Model Act § 21 (2)].

Where the registration application complies with the formal requirements, the invention is registered in the register of utility models and the Estonian Patent Office will issue a utility model certificate to the owner of the utility model.

As of the date of entry into the register the description and the report of the search for the state of art of the utility model are made public in the database of utility models. If the applicant does not want to make his/her invention public as soon as the registration procedure enables to do so, the applicant has the right to request the postponement of the registration entry, but not for more than eighteen months as of the date of priority [UMA § 32 (4)].

Legal protection of the utility model will be valid for four years as of the filing date of the registration application. Legal protection can be extended for four years and thereafter for another two years. A fee is to be paid for the extension of validity of a registration within six months before the date of expiry of the validity of the registration, or, upon payment of additional fee, within six months as of the date of expiry of the validity of the registration.

Last modified 22.02.2017