Procedures in Estonian utility model register

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Register of utility models

The register of utility models contains data of the inventions registered as utility models, starting from the submission of the application until registration. In the register operations related to registered utility models can also be seen: extention of validity, transfer of rights, amendments in the utility model or in the owner's data, registering of a licence or a claim. The register includes a database and registry dossiers.

The entry in the register of utility models will be made upon decision of the Patent Office (Utility Models Act § 21 (4)). Thereafter, the Patent Office publishes an utility model registration notice in its official publication Estonian Utility Model Gazette and discloses the description of the utility model and a search report (Utility Models Act § 32 (8)). The day of publication of the registration notice is also the day of publication of the utility model application. Unlike the patent application, the utility model application will not be disclosed until registration.

The registration of the utility model will enter into force on the day of publication in the Estonian Utility Model Gazette (Utility Models Act § 32 (9)).

The register is public. Since the publication of the registration notice, everyone has the right to see the registry dossier and entry data in the database. The author of a utility model has the right to prohibit the disclosure of their name.

A written application shall be submitted to the Patent Office in order to see the registry dossier, obtain copies or printouts of the register, and to provide information on the payment of the state fee for each registry dossier, copy or printout of a document. The applicant, owner and author of the utility model can see their registry dossier for free. Under the authorisation of those persons, it is also free of charge to others.

  • Extension of validity of a registration
  • Amendments to utility models
  • Transfer of utility model
  • Amendments to utility model owner's data
  • Registration of licence
  • Registration of pledge
  • Issue of certified priority document
  • Issue of duplicate of an utility model


Representation in performance of procedures related to utility models

Procedures related to legal protection of utility models are performed in the Patent Office by the interested persons themselves or patent attorneys who have been awarded patent attorney qualifications for operation in the area of inventions. List of patent attorneys, registered in the Estonian state register of patent attorneys, is published on the web page of the Patent Office.

A person whose residence or seat is not located in the Republic of Estonia will authorise a patent attorney as the person’s representative for the performance of procedures relating to legal protection of a utility model in the Patent Office and in the Board of Appeal, except for filing a registration application, filing a request for acceptance of an international application for national processing specified in subsection 30 (1) of the Utility Models Act and payment of all the state fees specified in this Act.


Last modified 08.03.2018