Preparation and filing of a registration application

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Preparation of a utility model registration application (hereinafter application) should be done in accordance with the regulation The Formal and Substantive Requirements for the Utility Model Registration Application and the Procedure for Filing Utility Model Applications with the Patent Office (available in Estonian). A utility model application may comprise only one invention, i.e. the utility model application cannot be filed for the registration of a group of inventions.

The applicant himself or herself should ensure the compliance of the invention with the novelty and inventive step criteria. However, the Patent Office shall carry out a state of art search and forward the search report to the applicant. The applicant can make corrections and amendments in the application on the basis of the report within two months from the issue of the search report, but it is not compulsory. The search report is of informative importance [Utility Models Act (UMA) § 211].

Upon filing a utility model registration application, a fee should be paid.
€26 shall be paid where the applicant is a natural person or the applicants are solely natural persons. €105 shall be paid by legal persons (see Utility model fees).

The fee shall be paid within two months as of the filing date of the utility model registration application [UMA § 18  Section 2]. The specified term for the payment of the fee shall not be extended.



Last modified 22.02.2017