Extension of validity of a registration

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Period of validity of registration

A registration is valid for four years as of the filing date of the registration application. The period of validity of a registration can be extended initially for four years and thereafter for another two years (Utility Models Act § 34).

The state fee for extension of validity shall be paid within six months of the date of expiry of the registration. By paying 10% of the state fee for extending the validity, the validity can also be extended within six months after the date of expiry.

The state fee is deemed to be paid when the data on the paid state fee are presented to the Patent Office. If the renewal fee is not paid in due time, or if the fee has been transferred to the account of the Ministry of Finance, but the data on the payment of the fee has not been submitted to the Patent Office, the utility model becomes invalid.

The validity of a registration will also be extended if the state fee for the validity of the registration was not paid due to force majeure or due to an impediment beyond the control of the owner of the utility model or their representative. For that, the owner of the utility model, within two months after the cessation of the impediment, files a request to extend the validity of the registration, evidences the existence of force majeure or another impediment,  and pays the state fee for the extension of the registration and 10% of the corresponding additional state fee.

Last modified 08.03.2018