Representation before the Patent Office

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The afore described procedures in the Patent Office are made by the interested person (a patent applicant, a patent owner, an inheritor or successor) in person or by a patent attorney authorised by her or him. The list of patent attorneys registered in the state register of patent attorneys is available on the web site of the Patent Office.

A person whose seat of residence or seat is not located in the Republic of Estonia shall authorise a patent attorney as a person’s representative for the performance of acts related to patent protection, except filing of a patent application,  filing of a request for acceptance of an international application for national processing as specified in the Patents Act § 33 Subsection 1 and payment of all the state fees specified in this Act.

If acts related to patent protection are performed at the Patent Office or the Board of Appeal by several persons together, they may authorise a patent attorney as their representative or choose a joint representative from among themselves whose residence or seat is in the Republic of Estonia. A joint representative has the right to perform all acts related to patent protection, unless otherwise deriving from the authorisation granted to the joint representative (Patents Act § 131).












Last modified 22.02.2017