Registration of pledge

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For creation of a registered pledge an agreement that the patent is encumbered with a pledge on and making an entry concerning the pledge between the proprietor of the patent and the pledgee is required.

In order to register a pledge an application should be filed with the Patent Office together with the agreement of the encumberment of a pledge in written form  and information concerning the paid state fee should be filed with the Patent Office. At registration of a pledge a state fee in the amount of the full state fee rate set out in Annex 2 to the State Fees Act shall be paid. The transaction value upon registration of a pledge contract is the amount of the pledge.

Pursuant to the Industrial Property Legal Bases Act § 31 in case of the object of the industrial property is encumbered with a pledge the data concerning the pledgee, the amount of the monetary value of the pledge and completion deadline are entered in the register. A pledge extinguishes upon termination of the claim secured by the pledge or if the pledgee waives the pledge.













Last modified 22.02.2017