Documents to be filed in the application for registration of a utility model

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A registration application shall include the following documents [Utility Models Act § 17]:

  • request for the registration of a utility model (1 copy);
  • the description of the invention (2 copies), in which the invention must be disclosed in a sufficiently clear and concise manner which enables a person skilled in the art to make the invention;
  • the claims of the utility model (2 copies);
  • the drawing (2 copies) referred to in the description of the invention or claims of the utility model if necessary;
  • an abstract of the invention in Estonian and English (2 copies).

The following documents shall be annexed to a registration application:

  • an authorisation document if the registration application is filed via a patent agent;
  • documents certifying the priority claim. Documents certifying the priority claim need not be submitted if priority is claimed on the basis of a first registration application or patent application in the Republic of Estonia.

A request for yhe registration of a utility model should be filled in on a prescribed form. The forms are available in the Estonian Patent Office and on the website of the Estonian Patent Office.

A registration application should be filed in Estonian. The name of an invention in an application for the registration of a utility model and the abstract of an invention should be filed in Estonian and in English.

The Estonian Patent Office has the right to request the submission of the Estonian translation of any foreign language document included in a registration application, document annexed to a registration application or document submitted in the course of processing. The text of all basic documents (including a registration application of a utility model) should be typewritten.

Last modified 22.02.2017