Documents to be filed in the application

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A patent application includes the following basic documents:

  • a request for the grant of a patent (1 copy) PDF, DOC;
  • a description of the invention (3 copies);
  • patent claims (3 copies);
  • drawings or other illustrative material upon request (3 copies);
  • an abstract of the subject matter of the invention (2 copies).

Besides the basic documents the following documents have to be annexed to a patent application:

  • an authorisation document if the patent application is filed via a patent attorney;
  • documents certifying the priority claim;
  • a document certifying the deposit of a biological material, if the subject of the invention is a biological material or the invention requires the use of a biological material and if the said biological material is not available to the public and it cannot be described in the description of the invention in a manner which would enable a person skilled in the art to make the invention;
  • an application for classifying the patent application and a certificate of the Ministry of Defence or a competent authority of a foreign state concerning classification of the invention if the patent application contains either an invention relating to national defence classified by the Minister of Defence or an invention classified in the foreign state the application for the patenting of which has been submitted on the basis of an international agreement.

The documents should be filed in Estonian. The name of the invention in the request for the grant of a patent and the abstract of the subject matter of the invention should be submitted/filed in Estonian and English. The Patent Office has the right to request the submission of the Estonian translation of any foreign language document included in a patent application, document annexed to a patent application or document submitted in the course of processing.

A request for the grant of a patent has to be compiled on a prescribed form. The forms are available in the Estonian Patent Office or on the website of the Estonian Patent Office. A request for the grant of a patent has to be in Estonian.  The patent application is not accepted if/in case a request for the grant of a patent is filed/submitted in a foreign language.

The text of all basic documents (incl. a request for the grant of a patent) should be filed typewritten.

Last modified 22.02.2017