Procedures in Estonian patent register

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The Patent register

The patent register contains data concerning the procedure of the legal protection of inventions starting from applying for patent protection to the grant of patent, validity of legal protection, transfer of the rights and other procedures related to patent. The register consists of the database and the registry files.

The patent register is public. Since the publication date of the patent application (Patents Act § 24) everyone has the right to examine the registry file and data entered in the database record, taking into account of the restrictions provided for in the said section and the author’s right to prohibit the disclosure of the author’s  name (Patents Act  § 13 Subsection 7). No information is released from the register concerning business secrets defined as confidential or information on know-how or information concerning classified patent information (Patents Act § 351). Only the patent applications  relating to defence classified by the Ministry of Defence or the relevant organisation of the foreign country as containing secret inventions may be filed by the applicant as secret patent applications.

In order to have access to a registry file or receive copies or printouts from the register, a written request together with information concerning payment of the state fee for each file, copy or printout of a document shall be submitted. Applicants, owners of patents and authors have access to the registry files concerning their inventions free of charge. Other persons have also access to the registry files free of charge if authorisation has been granted by the aforesaid persons (Patents Act § 351 Subsection 3).









Last modified 08.03.2018