Patent searches

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The Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation has decided that the patent searches performed earlier by the EPO within the European Patent Network would be performed by the national offices, incl. the Estonian Patent Office, since 1 September 2007.

The Estonian Patent Office performs standard and special searches. All fields of engineering are covered. The searches are performed both in Estonian as well as English.

Fees of Patent Searches
Standard and special patent searches:

1. Conducting a patent search (minimum fee for 1 hour) €40/an hour
2. Compilation of a search report €30/a search
3. Compilation of the commentary of the search report
(minimum fee for 1 hour)
€55/an hour
4. Copies of the (found)document €0,25/a sheet
5. General expenses 10%


If you wish, please contact elle.mardo [at], phone +372 627 7910.

Last modified 29.11.2017