Tõnis Reitalu from Lümanda Basic School received the WIPO Trophy at the Estonian Contest for Young Inventors

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Tõnis Reitalu from Lümanda Basic School and Deputy Director General of Estonian Patent Office Kadri MikkTõnis studies in third grade in Lümanda Basic School and took part in the contest with his invention "Juice pump". WIPO Schoolchildren’s Trophies are given to students for achievements in the field of intellectual property (invention, design, film-making, creative writing etc). The Estonian Contest for Young Inventors is carried out for the 11th time and aims to recognize the outstanding research results in the field of science and intellectual property of school students, student teams, their instructors and teachers. The winner was picked out by patent examiners who explained their choice as follows.

An invention called “Mahlapump” deserves to be highlighted for the following reasons.

The author of this invention, Tõnis Reitalu, is not even at the school stage where these physical phenomena or solutions would have been introduced in the school's physics class. That means the inventor has an excellent self-learning ability!

Given that the author of the invention is only in 3rd grade, it can be concluded that this young man is curious, with good attention to the surroundings and natural technical intelligence, which are some of the main prerequisites for a successful inventor!