Seminar for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises on Protection of a New Product of a Small Scale Entrepreneur

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On 6th December 2005 a seminar for small and medium-sized enterprises was arranged by the Estonian Patent Office in cooperation with the European Patent Office.

There were students, entrepreneurs and inventors among the participants.
The main issue of the seminar was how a small scale entrepreneur could protect his/her products in Europe.

Mr Lutz Mailänder from WIPO made a presentation International Patent Classification, Mrs Heidrun Krestel from the EPO made two presentations Filing the European Patent Application and Using the EPO Databases in Search of Novelty. Mr Peter Cordsen from the Danish Technological Institute gave a lecture on Determining the Novelty of the Invention and Mr Mark Kennedy talked about two topics Filing a Community Design Application and Filing a Community Trademark Application. Mr Heinu Koitel, Chairman of the Association of the Estonian Patent Attorneys, gave a speech on Legal Protection of Industrial Property, Including the Protection of Rights Proceeding from the Grant of the Patent and Mr Madis Võõras from the Estonian Technology Agency made a presentation on Funding Programmes and Supporting Structures for Inventors and Entrepreneurs in Estonia .