Revised Edition of the Methodological Guidelines Invention and Patent Claim Has Been Published

04.10.2012 | 00:00

Revised edition of the methodological guidelines Invention and Patent Claim (in Estonian) has been published. It belongs to the series of methodological guides, publication of which was stared already in 2001.
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This publication has been compiled by Raul Kartus and Jaak Ostrat, recognised specialists in the area of legal protection of industrial property. The guidelines is an important aid in determination of the patentability of the inventions, working out successful protection strategy and compilation of a patent application and a utility model registration application as well as processing a patent. The booklet is addressed to the examiners of patents, patent attorneys, persons providing legal advice in the area of industrial property as well as entrepreneurs and persons involved in technical creation, who would like to protect their new products by patents or as utility models.

The present guidelines intends to highlight innovations, which have taken place in this area as well as deal more thoroughly the circumstances, which had caused questions for the users in the previous edition.


The Estonian Patent Office