Publication of the translation of the Methodical Guidelines International Patent Classification into Estonian

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With the present publication the Estonian Patent Office continues publishing methodical guidelines in the field of legal protection of industrial property.

International Patent Classification is meant for classification of the inventions in the field of science, engineering and technology according to a uniform system on the basis of the Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification (IPC).

The Strasbourg Agreement was concluded in 1971 and it entered into force in 1975. The Classification has periodically been revised. The eighth edition of the IPC entered into force on 1 January 2006.

The Republic of Estonia acceded to the Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification (IPC) on 27 February 1997 (Strasbourg Notification No. 45 27.02.1996).

Besides, Estonia acceded to the Special Union established on the basis of the Agreement and became the 34th member of the Union. At present 55 States is party to the Agreement.

The publication consists of two parts: a guide how to use the 8th edition of the IPC and a list of sections and classes of the classification. The text of the Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification (IPC) and the law of accession to the Agreement as well as the list of the countries parties to this Agreement have been provided in the Annex of the publication.

Before filing a patent application the creator of a new technical or technological solution should find out similar solutions and on the basis of them determine its novelty and decide if it exceeds the previous state of art. Therefore the solution should be classified and related patent documents should be found. Careful and precise use of the Classification enables to decrease the volume of the search as well as expenditure of time.


The 8th edition of the EPC is an essential means for determining the state of art, compiling a patent application for a registration application of a utility model and in the procedure of patent examination. This publication is intended for patent experts, patent attorneys and the other persons providing legal advice in the field of industrial property as well as entrepreneurs and inventors, who want to protect their new products by a patent or as a utility model.

It has 124 pages and is available at the Reception Department of the Estonian Patent Office and the Estonian Patent Library.