New Database is available since 22 February 2007

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The database contains data of the European patents validated in Estonia, the European patents valid in Estonia and the European patents lapsed (or revoked) in Estonia.

It is possible to validate the European patents granted on the basis of the European patent application filed since 1 July 2002 (the Republic of Estonia acceded to the European Patent Convention (EPC) on 1 July 2002) with the European Patent Office (EPO) provided that the Republic of Estonia is designated in the European patent.

Search in the database is free. A browser supporting JavaScript (Netscape 4.08, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or recent versions) is required.

The database contains essential data of the European patents validated in Estonia. The database is informative and does not have legal effect. Detailed information of the European patent applications and processing thereof in the EPO is available in the database Register Plus on the EPO website. Access to the translation of the patent specifications of the European patents valid in Estonia is possible in the Estonian Patent Library since the notification of the availability of the translation to the public is published in the Estonian Patent Gazette. The Estonian Patent Office issues certified copies of the translations of the European patent specifications and certified printouts of the data in the Register. For getting certified copies and printouts please contact the Receiving Department of the Estonian Patent Office.

Updating of the database takes place from



) every Thursday.