Law Cases of the European Court: Trade Mark Disputes Volume IV published

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Collection of Law Cases of the European Court:  Trade Mark Disputes Volume IV has been published by the Estonian Patent Office in cooperation with EUIPO.Collection of Law Cases of the European Court

The publication comprises of law cases concerning the latest trade mark disputes in European Court. Both the persons interested in trade mark law and also proprietors of trade marks can find out in this collection how to implement Council Regulation (EC) no 40/94 being the base of national law, and directive 2008/95/EC, in the aforementioned cases. The collection consists of ten cases.

The principles derived from these cases are followed by other member states of the European Union and by the European Union Intellectual Property Office who registers trade marks valid in the whole territory of the EU.

The collection is available in pdf-format on the web page of the Estonian Patent Office and soon also as an e-book.