Industrial property registration statistics for 2021

11.01.2022 | 00:00

In 2021, applicants filed 26 patent applications, 51 utility model registration applications and 41 applications for supplementary protection of medicinal products and plant protection products to the Estonian Patent Office. Estonians filed 24 patent applications, 36 utility model registration applications and 3 international patent applications to be forwarded to WIPO.
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The Office issued 8 patents (all to Estonians) and registered 31 utility models (24 of them to Estonians).

There were 1,670 applications for European patent enforcement, 1,595 of which were enforced.

The registries held 164 valid patents, 204 utility models, and 11,604 European patents by the end of the year.

Applicants filed 1,586 trade mark registration applications and the Office received 890 international trade mark registrations in which Estonia was a contracting party. Estonians owned 1,371 and 2, respectively. The Office registered 1,433 national trade marks and enforced 957 international registrations.

The register contained a total of 53,101 valid trade marks, 25,964 of which were national registrations and 27,137 international registrations. Among them 14,004 trade marks belonged to Estonians, followed by Germany with 5,759 and the United States with 4,009 trade marks.

Applicants filed 40 applications for the registration of industrial designs, 36 of which belonged to Estonian applicants, and the Office received 35 applications for international registration of industrial designs filed under the Hague Agreement. 42 designs were entered into the register and 48 international registrations entered into force.

The Estonian Register of Industrial Designs has 370 industrial designs as of December 31, 2021.

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