Another Estonian Patent Office methodological guide

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The compiler of the guide, Jaak Ostrat, PhD, sums up the results of a long-term theoretical study and practical experiences related to the exercise of rights deriving from patents. This publication continues a series of methodological guides issued by the Estonian Patent Office on the topic of industrial property protection. The guide is useful for holders of patents, providers of legal assistance and judges.

Previously in the same series:

Raul Kartus, Jaak Ostrat. Invention and Patent Claim: Methodological Guidelines. Tallinn, 2001
Ingrid Matsina. European Community Trademark: Methodological Guidelines. Tallinn 2001
Jeremy R. Goddin. European Patent. Tallinn, 2003
Patent Application. A Selection of Legal Acts the Applicant Needs to be Informed of: Methodological Guidelines. Tallinn, 2003

Issues of protection of inventions by patents are a key factor in today's technological production and business. The efficient arrangement of industrial property protection activities, the protection of inventions by patents and registration of identifying trademarks, in the first place, is a precondition for economic success. Therefore, construction (design) organisations and design offices, as well as independent inventors, need to pay sufficient attention to the protection of their innovations. The producers need to observe that their products do not infringe the patent and trademark rights of third parties because sanctions imposed for such violations may critically and sometimes irreversibly damage their businesses.

The aim of the methodological guide is to give an overview of the potential problems that patenting activities can inflict on the economy - what the owner of the patent needs to know in order effectively to make use of the rights granted by patents and what the third party needs to be aware of in case he or she is unjustly prosecuted for the infringement of rights of the patent owner.

This publication contains 53 pages and is available at the Information Department of the Estonian Patent Office.