How to protect your trade mark via the other national offices

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If you want to register your trade mark in a foreign country as a national mark, an application for registration of your trade mark should be filed with the trade mark office of a relevant country. Your trade mark will be protected on the territory of this country or union of countries.

This way of registration is complicated due to language barrier, different processing norms of the offices and a requirement to employ a local representative for communication with the national offices of some countries. Consequently, it is sometimes more reasonable to use other ways for obtaining legal protection abroad: the European Union trade mark system or the Madrid system.

On the other hand, sometimes the national registration may be the most rational way for registration, for example if protection is only needed in one neighbouring country, or if there is a need to adjust your trade mark according to the local market. For example, registration of a trade mark in Cyrillic characters may be necessary only in Russia.

You can search for earlier identical and similar registered trade marks in foreign countries on the web sites of the national offices or in the databases TMView and Global Brand.

Last modified 02.04.2019