Geographical indications databases

Both already registered and submitted for registration geographical indications can be searched in the databases.

Geographical indications database

The database contains the data of the geographical indications registered and filed for registration in the Republic of Estonia.

The data of applications for registration of geographical indications is presented in the database as filed by the applicants. The number of the application has 10 digits (e.g. G200012345).

The database is informative and it does not have legal effect. Search results do not ensure the registration of the geographical indication and are not binding on the Estonian Patent Office in processing the geographical indication. For specifying the data and getting duplicates or print-outs from the Register of geographical indications or information concerning pending applications please contact the Registry Department of the Estonian Patent Office.

Extract from the database

Application number Registration number Geographical indication Applicant Status Details
G200000001 EESTI JUUST LIGHT OÜ Eesti Juust Refused G200000001 | pdf
G200000002 EESTI JUUST Eesti Juustuliit Refused G200000002 | pdf
G200000003 PÕLTSAMAA EESTI JUUST OÜ Põltsamaa Meierei Juustutööstus Refused G200000003 | pdf
G200000004 PÕLTSAMAA KERA JUUST OÜ Põltsamaa Meierei Juustutööstus Refused G200000004 | pdf
G200000005 PÕLTSAMAA JUUST OÜ Põltsamaa Meierei Juustutööstus Refused G200000005 | pdf
G200000006 KULDNE EESTI JUUST OÜ Eesti Juust Refused G200000006 | pdf
G200000007 VÄRSKA AS Värska Vesi Refused G200000007 | pdf
G200000008 VÄRSKA VERSKA MINERAALVEE OÜ Refused G200000008 | pdf
G200000009 EESTI JUUST TULUNDUSÜHISTU E-PIIM Refused G200000009 | pdf
G200000010 PÕLTSAMAA JUUST TULUNDUSÜHISTU E-PIIM Refused G200000010 | pdf
G200100001 00001 VÄRSKA VERSKA MINERAALVEE OÜ Registered G200100001 | pdf
G200100002 00002 VÕRU JUUST AS Võru Juust Deleted G200100002 | pdf
G200200001 00003 SAAREMAA JUUST AS Saaremaa Liha- ja Piimatööstus Deleted G200200001 | pdf
G200300001 00004 PÕLTSAMAA JUUST Piimandusühistu E-Piim Deleted G200300001 | pdf
G200300002 00005 PÕLTSAMAA Põltsamaa Felix AS Registered G200300002 | pdf
G200800001 00006 VÄRSKA AS Värska Vesi Registered G200800001 | pdf
G200900001 00007 VÄRSKA AS Värska Vesi Registered G200900001 | pdf

The EU geographical indications register

eAmbrosia –  the EU geographical indications register (The database contains DOOR, e-Bacchus and e-Spirit-Drinks data)

Search for geographical indications across the European Union and beyond

GIview –  a portal on geographical indications (GIs). It offers the public in general, as well as specific interested parties (e.g. producers, trade mark and other IP rights holders, enforcement authorities, public administration examiners), comprehensive information on all GIs protected within the EU (including non-EU countries’ GIs protected at EU level through bilateral and multilateral agreements), as well as on EU GIs protected in non-EU countries.

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Last updated: 03.08.2023