Scope of legal protection

The scope of legal protection of a geographical indication is determined on the basis of the data entered in the register.

A geographical indication which has acquired legal protection may be used for designating a good or service by a person who acts as the producer, processor or preparer of the good or as the renderer of the service specified in the registration, in the geographical area specified in the registration, and whose good or service has all the qualities, reputation or other characteristics specified in the registration.

Differently from the other objects of industrial property (e.g. trademarks, industrial designs), the protected of geographical indication will not provide an exclusive right to its use and it does not have an owner. The registration of a geographical indication gives a right to use the geographical indication on one's products and a right to prevent persons who do not have this right from using it.

The protection of a geographical indication does not have a term.

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Last updated: 04.02.2022