Payment of the fee by a person not residing or operating in Estonia

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The Estonian Patent Act and Utility Models Act permit the payment of state fees if the following legal requirements are fulfilled:

  1. The official language of the Estonian Patent Office is Estonian. So all the documents shall be filed in Estonian.
  2. The Estonian Patent Office communicates only with the representative, who has been registered in the Estonian state register of patent attorneys, even in case a problem arises. For example if the state fee is paid in an amount less than the prescribed rate and there is no patent attorney the patent becomes invalid.

The state fee is deemed to be paid upon receipt by the Patent Office of following information certifying payment of the state fee:

  1. the number and date of the payment document;
  2. the name of the payer;
  3. the amount paid;
  4. action for which the state fee is being paid for;
  5. number of the patent application or registration;
  6. confirmation of the bank or signature of the person who composed the document;
  7. it should be evident on the document which institution or person composed it.

The document certifying payment of the state fee shall be filed with the receiving section of the Patent Office in person or by post. Documents filed by telefax or other electronic means are not accepted.

The Estonian Patent Office does not send any notifications if the state fee is not paid by the due date. If the document certifying payment of the state fee has not been submitted on time the patent becomes invalid.

According to the Estonian Trade Mark Act a person with no residence, seat or commercial or industrial enterprise operating in Estonia shall authorize a patent attorney who has been registered in the Estonian state register of patent attorneys as the person’s representative to perform procedures related to payment of renewal fees. provides information in English concerning the fees (bank details, current schedule of the official fees).


Last modified 12.01.2014