European Trade Mark and Design Network

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EUIPN European Union Intellectual Property Network

European Union Intellectual Property Network - a portal of new web tools developed by the EUIPO and national offices in cooperation with the user associations.

Quantification of IPR

Quantification of IPR infringement is a website administered by the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights that publishes the results of researches concerning counterfeiting and piracy.

Mapping of IP tools

Mapping is a visual representation that will help applicants and examiners to identify at which stage of the process the Common Tools can be used.
Users are guided through a series of questions on what to check in each step of the registration process and how to use the common tools. This will help avoid deficiencies in the application process, increase the probability of a successful registration and ensure effective protection in the future.
Mapping is generalised to cover the main steps of an IP registration process, and does not reflect all of the national office IP processes in detail.

Estonia has joined the following tools:


TMview – online trade mark search tool



TMclass – free online tool to search, translate or classify goods and services when applying for trade marks.




DesignView – A common search system for designs, based on information pooled from different sources. Also, a complementary examination/invalidation tool for participating IP offices.




DesignClass – the tool helps you to search and translate product indications needed to apply for design protection.




CF Similarity – the tool gathers and shows assessments from the participating IP offices on similarities between goods and services.




Quality –  transparent and harmonized information about services and quality standards provided by participating offices.



E-learning for SME-s

E-Learning Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises – E-õppetööriist, mis pakub väikestele ja keskmise suurusega ettevõtetele võrgukoolitust intellektuaalomandiõiguste olulisuse kohta.

Last modified 23.12.2021